Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Burlap Christmas (wreath)

Just an update (finally) on the burlap wreath change from fall to Christmas.  (Check out the burlap wreath tutorial here). 

Seriously!!  I made this over a month ago and I am still gaga over it!  I L.O.V.E. it so much I am not going to take it apart to make a Valentine's day version.  I think you understand!

Sprigs and bow are from the HL (Hobby Lobby). "Believe" thingy was a score in the Michaels dollar section.  The bells are from my stash but I found similar ones at JoAnns.  (Yes, I can tell you every craft store in a 10 mile radius from my house...and I live in the Chicago burbs...and there are a lot of craft stores...and I go to them all...cause I can...)

So I was so obsessed with these wreaths that we had a craft night at church and all my craft peeps came and we made wreaths galore!  You should have seen my friends get their burlap wreath was a great night.  With the leftover supplies my bff Liberty from over at Crafts reDesigned helped me assemble a couple more gems that we sold at a Christmas craft fair. These are all made from 12 inch wreath forms instead of 16...they are so little and cute and I just wanted to hug and squeeze them all and keep them forever...but then I sold them which made me more happy!  The second one looks like a baby of my wreath from above doesn't it?  Love them, pin them, copy them!  Happy crafting!

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  1. Me gusta mucho,desearia cosas de patchwork y scrapbooking, muchas gracias.